AppEngage Network

  • Users get free vip rewards when they play everyday
  • Developers earn incremental ad revenues
  • Advertisers acquire
    high quality users

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Next Generation Mobile Engagement Network

The Midverse AppEngage Network solves mobile game developers' monetization and user acquisition needs. We offer multiple placement types, both incented and non-incented, for Google Play and for Amazon Android platforms.

AppEngage drives incremental advertising revenue for developers, and thousands of high-quality users for advertisers. End users love AppEngage, since they earn special VIP rewards for playing their favorite games every day.

More about appengage network

Next Generation Mobile Gaming Studio

Midverse is a leading developer and publisher of high-quality first-party and third-party mobile games on iOS and Android platforms. We have a portfolio of exciting mobile casino games, including Bingo and Slots, as well as mid-core titles.

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Latest News

The True Cost of Getting an Engaged User

April 10, 2014

GamaSutra is featuring a new piece by our co-founder and CEO Riz Virk, in which he describes the fundamental limitations with the CPI-based model for user acquisition, and describes how AppEngage’s CPE+ model points a way forward.

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