Terms and Conditions of 100k Promotion


If a new partner meets all the following conditions, then Midverse Studios will guarantee that it will drive, via its AppEngage network, a certain number of users (up to 100,000) to the developer’s app(s).


·       Partner must meet a minimum DAU (daily active user) threshold, which depends on the genre of the app/game.

·       Partner must implement the AppEngage SDK in their applications and show the VIP Rewards dialog from at least two places:

o   At the beginning of the app to all of their Daily Active Users.

o   From a clearly visible VIP Rewards button prominently displayed in the app so that users can bring up the dialog and see their rewards.

o   Partner must commit to showing the AppEngage dialog for at least six months in their application.

·       Partner must implement the AppEngage SDK and submit to the Google Play and/or Amazon App Stores by April 15, 2014.  Midverse will need to verify that the SDK has been implemented per our recommendations. 

·       Reporting will be based solely on Midverse’s tracking system.

·       In receiving users through the AppEngage network:

o   The exact number of users that will be driven to the partners apps for free will be based on how many installs the application drives out in the first 30 days. 

§  For example, if an application using AppEngage drives out 1000 installs per day for 30 days, then that partner will receive 30,000 installs through the network for free.

o   The users will be delivered to your app over the lifetime of the agreement.

o   Partner may distribute the free users across multiple apps.

·       Partner must implement “engagement actions” in any app which is to receive users through the network.  These are defined as silver and gold actions and must be tracked via the AppEngage SDK.

·       If Partner wishes to receive more than the designated number of installs, then they must pay for them either through their earnings or directly.

·       Partner must give Midverse permission to publicize the partnership and results.

·       Midverse may reject partners or apps for any reason.